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STEALING CHASTITY International Exclusive Giveaway
STEALING CHASTITY International Exclusive Giveaway

One million words by Devon Hartford.
And you can win them ALL.

With the release of my latest book, STEALING CHASTITY (**previously titled The Bad Boy Next Door: Lance & Chastity**), that’s how many words I’ve written for you peeps.
Can you believe it?!
I can’t!!
I can’t even count that high!!!!
There’s not even that many words in the English language!!!!
Are there?
===Actually, according to Google there are 1,025,109.8, but all those books of mine total 1,049,680, so I still win, English Language!. tongue počutje to you, English! You got nuthin’ on my mad vocab skillz! I stomp your face! More importantly, what is that 0.8 word? A misspelling? A new word in the making, not yet finished? Who knows?===
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Now is your chance to WIN a SIGNED PAPERBACK copy of EVERY BOOK I’VE WRITTEN!

This third giveaway is International only (No U.S. or U.K.)
The U.S. Giveaway is here:
The U.K. Giveaway is here:

To be eligible to win, all you have to do is tell everyone you know about this giveaway! Shout the word from the social network rooftops! Spread this p0st around town, ladies!! Effort is rewarded! The more love you spread, the better your chances of winning! After you do that, leave a note below telling me how much shouting you did.

And if you haven’t read STEALING CHASTITY (**previously titled The Bad Boy Next Door: Lance & Chastity), it’s $0.99USD or if you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s FREE to read!

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